The most common treatment method for fallen hair for various reasons is graft treatment.

Whether in women or men, hair that is shed or diluted intensely affects people psychologically.

The spill can be saved by medical methods; unless the latter is very strong, the only solution is then the method of hair transplant.

What Is FUT?

The FUT hair planting technique is a method in which the roots of the hair are rather planted in bulk than individually.

This is the process of placing the hair follicles taken from the head and neck region, into the required areas.

The method of hair transplant Fut, being an old method, is not much used today.

In this method, the roots of hair that have strong roots and are in the neck, are removed.

The extracted roots are divided into fragments and placed at the places to be applied by special techniques.

Before starting the process of moving these roots, the direction and the outline of the hair should be taken into consideration.

In order to avoid any infection of the roots that are taken at the nape of the neck, a careful seam should be made. Local anesthesia should be applied to avoid pain during the operation.

The method Fut, is therefore the best method of extraction for those who do not shorten their hair and want to do the hair grafting process in a short period of time.

New Graft Method: FUE Method

Instead of the method was, experts and patients usually use the new method fue.

In this technique, the roots of the hair are not recovered in a collective form but transported one by one in the area concerned.

The structure, frequency and shape of the hair should be carefully analyzed in this application before the procedure as well.

What Is Different From The Fut And Fue Method?

The Fut method, the roots are collected collectively during a neck incision and placed equally in the required area.

In the Fue technique, the roots are taken from the neck section and there are no cuts.

In the technique of Fut, since the hair follicles are recovered during an incision, a surgical operation is then required; while in the technique fue, the roots of the hair are picked with very fine instruments, without the need for surgery.

In the technique of Fut, he may have a scar in the area where the hair follicles are removed by surgery. In the Fue technique, this is not the case, there is no trace left.

When calculating in technical terms, there are about 50-60 root crops per centimeter diameter for the Fut method.

In the technique Fue, when calculating the diameter of the centimeter, one can add about 160-170 roots of hair per 1 cm of diameter.

Rooting of hair can be done at about 75-80%, but in the method fue; because the quality roots are taken directly, all the roots are planted.

In the Fut technique, while the average hair growth rate is 80 radians per 100 radicles, the number is about 95 in the Fue method.

The hair follicles are taken for about 2 to 4 hours; while the method fue the plantation is done immediately, not losing any of their natural structure.

People who opt for the Fut technique should rest for an average of two weeks; but the people who have applied the Fue technique, will continue their routine as soon as the operation is over.

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