The number of people suffering from hair loss problems for different reasons is very high. This situation, generally observed in men, is also observed in women.

Psychologically, this problem affects people and causes a cooling of the society the person must first go to a doctor to understand where the problem comes from.

Why there is hair loss and how it can be treated are questions that the doctor can answer after completing the first tests.

If the test results show that the problem of spilling into the hair is due to hormonal effects, the drug treatment is started and additional vitamins such as iron, calcium, zinc are administered.

In general, spills due to the hormonal problem can be treated in a slightly slower way, which often irritates patients.

If it is determined that the spill is due to genetic effects, it is unlikely to be treated with drugs.

In this case, the psychology of the patients usually worsens and they do not want to go out thinking that everyone looks at them And one of the methods generally used by the patients is the hair transplant.

What Is The Hair Transplant?

Patients with spill problems usually resort to the hair transplant method when other methods to solve this problem fail.

For this, a general screening of patients who have submitted an application to the doctor is performed to determine the structure, characteristics and counts of hair root.

Looking at the number, it is determined how many roots are located or which region and how many roots should be added as a result of these analyzes. There are variations in this method.

What İs The Hair Transplant? How Is It Applied?

This method provides the most successful and sustainable results since 2004. Following the review of patients who come to the doctor with the spill problem, if this has been decided, this should be done in several steps.

First, the patient is informed about the hair transplant and the steps of the procedure are explained Next, the region to be treated is scanned, the root numbers and density locations are determined.

The Fue hair planting roots are taken one by one and the sowing is done, sowing to the place where they live. For this reason, the number of roots and the intensity of the excretion of the patient is important in this method.

The area where the spill is located is determined and how many roots are needed to close this area will be tested. As a result, the root will be taken from where the patient has intensive hair.

By transferring the patient's images to computer, the area to be planted and the areas to be rooted are clearly displayed.

The number of roots taken varies according to the thickness of the roots. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient and no pain is felt. A front line is drawn and the sowing process is started.

First, since the region where the patient's roots are to be harvested is determined, the process of rooting this area is started. The specified number of roots is taken one by one.

The roots are usually taken in the neck and behind the ear. Unlike women, men have to shave their hair for the hair follicle fue.

Later, the roots are planted one by one in designated areas. No cuts or seams are made during the process.

This is the reason why this method is preferred. After the procedure, the patient is released the same day and a bandage is wrapped around her head.

The patient who is told not to bathe for 2 days will then return to the controls.

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