Nipple deformity that occurs in women and aesthetics, causes both functional and psychological problems. The breast consists of large Women, or the head of the environment in General affects the psychological and sexual problems brings. At the same time is different than that of normal breastfeeding after pregnancy the head REDA periods creates a problem. These problems are quite advanced, and plastic surgery for the new methods of treatment. That's the way the breast disorder used to operation method and as a lot of things.


Nipple and a surrounding color part (areola) cause the growth of the breast tissue at the same time the elements leading to the loss of its form and shape disorders. Nipple augmentation breast tissue augmentation, reduction and lift surgery made with areolas appear more aesthetic is an operation that provides. This color in the nipple area is evident in the hormonal fluctuation and brunette cadi according to change color.


 Breast repair after the trail regains the feeling normal senses remain and patients?

Tracks how many years after surgery can be left within 1 can keep it completely depends on the healing process. But scars in most patients is completely lost.

Repair of Breast Cancer formation or treatment has an effect?

Repair of the breast cancer recurrence or has no effect on the patient's prognosis. This aesthetic repair treatment processes (radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy). In the period following the normal breast and repaired in the breast, mammography, ultrasound on a periodic basis, as well as other radiological examinations can be done easily.

Breast Radiation Therapy Treatment Can be Completed During the Repair?

Some centers during surgery after breast cancer patients received appropriate "single dose radiotherapy" may be applied. These people will see radiation therapy after surgery for these patients are placed in permanent fixed prostheses. Thus the only surgical patient sessions, before radiation therapy treatment is applied and which will be used again on the same session permanently placed on dentures.

After the Operation Can be Performed While Breastfeeding?

Nipple problems already caused by the milk ducts. Therefore, in order to breastfeed better done this surgery. But aesthetics for nipple operations unless the mothers held their babies full recovery time.


Mastectomy patients, as long as it's not a barrier for most medically appropriate for these operations are. Cancer in women with cancer completely disappears, these operations must be carried out in people. Medically the disease in different areas will not be able to perform this operation the ladies but after inspection approval given doctor female patients can do this surgery.


Nipple placed elastic bandage after surgery for breasts and dressing. On behalf of the bleeding under the skin is placed in the offload out drains drains will be removed 1 or 2 days after the surgery. The next day the operation is normal to have pain relief.  But strong pain relievers regularly using this pain is minimised. Bandages, 2. or 3. is removed and surgical brassieres or jocks day bra is continued for a few more weeks on clothes. First six weeks can be seen in the temporary loss of feelings. The first was based on the exercise activities such as 1 month sports tight Bras should be preferred. 6 weeks should be treated and protected against impact nice breasts.

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