Baldness In Men

Baldness (hair loss) is a common phenomenon in men is known as androgenetic alopecia.

Dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone that affects hair follicles, and as a result, the spill occurs.

This effect more effectively affects the hair on the front, sides and also the top of the head.

The roots above the two ears and the nape of the neck are less affected by these hormones.

In men, the practice of hair transplantation is beneficial to the roots in both regions of the ear and neck.

The roots in these areas are transferred and the hair is implanted in men.

How Is The Sowing Process Done In Men?

Baldness, which is more visible and clear in men than women, can create an uncomfortable picture.

In men, the roots are taken from the area that is not affected by hormones and applied.

these roots stay healthy for life and never fall.

There Are Several Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness

Genes and hormonal conditions, usually due to age, are the cause of baldness. During transplantion in a man, pieces of rooted skin from the area intact and spilled and transported to sparse areas. The shapes and sizes of the grafts differ.

Rounded ones contain about 10-15 threads.

Unlike the round shape, smaller sized grafts have about 2-4 threads. In addition to grafts and mini-grafts, there are also slotted grafts.

Split grafts are made to shape the skin slotted grafts are placed in strips and contain about 10 staples any traces that may occur in practice can be hidden in the scalp.

Once the sowing process is complete, the skin is cleaned and covered with gauze. A pressure bandage can be used for 2 days.

In recent years the hair transplant is much more preferred by men. Turkey is above world standards for sowing.

Because of this, many people around the world prefer Turkey for the hair transplant. Seedlings can be applied to people of all ages.

The graft is considered an aesthetic operation. For this reason, it must be done by a specialist surgeon.

The hair transplant should be done according to the lines of the face. If the hair transplant is done in a straight line, it leads to a poor appearance and not aesthetic.

Men who suffer loss, thinning and baldness should definitely have a hair transplant before it is too late.

Overflow, dilution and baldness are therefore much more common in men. For this reason, the sowing operation is an operation in which men have much more to do.

While the procedure is underway, chest hair is beneficial if there are not enough roots in healthy areas and areas where the head is not reversed.The roots in the chest area can be removed and transported to sparse areas in the head.

One of the most preferred methods for sowing is the Fue method.

The Fut method is a surgical procedure that brings real results. The person does not feel excessive pain, intense pain during the application.

Precautions are taken once the sowing process is complete. After the measures taken the person can continue to his normal life.

When the missing parts are completed with the hair transplant, people get a much younger look.

A person with a healthy aesthetic appearance is more confident in itself and feels much healthier.

Especially men should do the sowing process before it is too late and before all their hair is lost.

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