Majority of men share the problem of hair falling out. This can be the result of following factors:

Age, stress, poor nutrition or illness. This hair loss has a direct impact on the image.

The advanced medical technology has found a solution for this problem.

More and more men are deciding to use this treatment in order to get a more positive feedback on the appearance the hair by implant adding strengthening.

This method will result in success if it is done right with the right choice of method for lack, individual and treating doctor of course.

The ways how implants will occur

There are 2 ways to be used for hair transplantation FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

And FUT method which is more recommended but in comparison FUE is a much more successful and recommended.

The FUE process will be this way, after analyzing the hair of the patient, the areas of implant will be chosen to implant. Then the roots of usually behind the ears or neck will be taken and transferred to the wished area (all this work is done by mm). The direction of the newly added roots is crucial. Local anesthesia will be done during this process the treatment will be 4-8 hours during FUE.

During the implant and recovery

The implanted roots will fall out after one month. This is expected and seen a lot of patients. In order to see the growth of new hair, it takes usually 100 days. The development of new hair will be approx. 6 Months.

After one year the implanted hair will show growth. In order to maintain this growth of hair all the recommended steps by the doctor are highly recommended to follow.

The process of Hair implantation

The price of hair transplantation depends on the following. The place where the surgery will be done, how much the amount of the roots are. It is important for each individual to get a better idea on the price.

About Hair Transplantation Methods

Hair implants are the only permanent solution to get rid of hair loss and baldness. Hair loss is usually caused by aging ; changements in hormones other external factors. Depending on the person hair loss can start at the age of twenty and stop around the age of forty or fifty.

There has been a range of hair transplant treatments since the procedure began to become more common. These techniques included such things as scalp expansion, flaps and mini grafts. Nowadays, hair transplantation can be reduced to two main techniques: FUE and DHI. Both in mens hair transplant and female hair transplant the patient should be qualified; the patient must have no STD or any other chronical disease. Hair transplant for women and men A hair implant involves taking healthy hair follicles (from a bald-resistant area) and implanting them in the treatment area. The extraction phase and the implantation phase are both important. The surgeon uses the most convient and suitable method to each patient ; depending on the donor area ; the recevant area and the number of grafts needed. It is difficult to generalize an average cost of hair transplant procedures as it depends on the specificity of each patient's hair loss circumstances.

As mentioned before ; nowadays hair transplantation can be reduced to two main techniques: FUE transplant and DHI. With the FUT and FUE options and the hair transplant, the follicles are implanted in the same way, creating receiving holes in the treatment area and placing the hair follicles in the holes with forceps, allowing control of the hair ; angle, direction and depth. FUE hair transplant has been the leading technique since ever the hair transplant filed flourished and developed as discovering this method was revolutionary especially when it comes to the natural results and the lack of the post surgery scar. Another leading method is DHI or as some surgeons prefer to refer to it : best hair transplant technique. Direct hair implant ; it is almost similar to FUE technique as during the second step of the surgery the grafts are transplanted while the channel is in the process of opening .DHI is a standardized, tested method that takes the best approach at every stage of the procedure to ensure patient comfort, no scarring and 100% natural results.During the surgery there is less bleeding and no scaring is left . DHI technique is more expensive than other available techniques because the entire procedure is performed by the surgeon himself and it takes three times longer than FUE for example. It exist other techniques such as FUT and Stem Cell hair transplant which we will talk more about in upcoming articles.



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