In the recent years the success rate for hair transplant has been 99%  that is why a lot of people choose hair transplant procedures. You will find all the information that you need in this article. A lot of people that have suffered from hair loss will turn to hair transplant. One in Three people with hair loss problems will seek hair transplant to solve there problem.

Who Can Have Hair Transplant?

Hair Tranplant can be apllied to a wide range of people.İf there is a common male baldness this can be adresses with hair transplant. This kind of baldness is usally caused by hormonal issues  which causes hair loss.The hormons cause the roots to stop working and they loss there way of working causing hair to fall out. This is why hair transplant is a defenant way to treat hair loss permanently.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost ?

Hair transplant cost can vary it will depend on hair loss how much hair will be transplant and where you will be having your transplant done.but if we were to give you an estimate it will be about 3,000 tl to 15,000 tl..

How Long Does Hair Transplant Take ?

Hair Transplant can take upto 3-7 hours İt will depend on the area that will be transplanted the skin type and the amount of grafts that will need to be transplanted. But again the transplant will on avarge take about 3-7 hours. İt will also depend on wheather you are having your hair transplant done in sessions.

Healing After The Hair Transplant?

After the hair transplant some people recover very easy and some have trouble this is acually upto the persons  as each person is different in every way. If you can relax and do what the experts have advised you to do then your healing process will be very easy and comftable Some people do not want people to know about the hair transplant that they have had so this healing time can be stressfull for them After the transplant the area can go red and there might be some swelling which can last up to 7 days. To get rid of the scabbing you will need to wash your hair once every day. At the end of the 7 days the scabbing will have finished. After the hair transplant you will be able to see the results in the next 3 months.New hair will be coming out at this time and at the end of the 6th month you will have 90% of your hair coming out. . At the end of the 1 year you will see all the roots come out this is the end result.

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