Small chest will not like this issue of women no longer have the vaccination. Breast enlargement used different techniques and different for the order before the operation, and after a fairly easy, painless. Teach you the most important indicator of the breasts is smaller than it should be at times can feel themselves visible for the ladies, self-esteem are vulnerable. Now that the solution to this problem is quite easy and practical. Here is everything about breast augmentation.


Breast enlargement the smallest size in women referred to as prostheses with silicone implants or fat injections to the introduction of desired size of breasts using is called. Some tits double or single sided hosts or development defects as after pregnancy weight depending on the volume of breast tissue to lose. Removal of the breast tissue in cancer and so on, you may have the disease, and that cases on behalf of the patient and physician breast enlarging methods used include selecting the appropriate method and treatment are discussed and. Applications made in the wake of the larger and fuller have breasts.


Breast Augmentation Surgery Sponge and Silicone Filler Sieve Bras Without Support?

Woman's body structure in the hips are large, breasts smaller. This is fairly proportional to the person feel uncomfortable using the sponge to support bras are compensated. But in the time it takes to wear bikinis and cleavage that chance. But silicone taktırınca with sponge Bras without completely you will be saved.

One Very Small Normally but One My Bosoms. Single-sided Silicone Can Hang Out?

The truth is that no woman is not identical with the other a nozzle  and the other nozzle. There are differences in the way. This is the case both during breast augmentation by inserting different sized silicone nipples are the result.

Loss of Feeling in My Chest?

After breast reduction surgery is available though less risk of loss of feeling. But the loss of breast augmentation surgery is not even in question. Most of the feeling in the nipple of the breast. So there is no loss of senses. But at the end of the silicone nipple surgeries a little loss of sensation can occur. Most doctors will not necessarily place the silicone nipple.

Can I Breastfeed After Surgery?

Breast enlargement surgery is not a problem related to breastfeeding. Also used on the chest that melts in your mouth while sucking silicone baby and the baby's life in danger.


This problem in your breasts ladies if another disease or operation that is appropriate to each female patient 18 years depending on your wishes when you have filled in these surgeries.


Breast enlargement using silicone breast prosthesis surgery takes an average of 45 minutes-1 hour. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The patient remains in the hospital for 1 night. After operation 1. The end of the week you can go back to your daily life. The balance of the new chest and body occurs after a form 3-6 month gain. The upright and tense at first, gravity effect and the effect of stretching the tissue needs time to capture the ideal form. After surgery, breasts swelling can be seen. This condition is normal and temporary.


Silicon surgeries will take approximately 1 hours. On the day of the surgery and the next day, and the patient's discharge operations are provided to go home. The first two days, usually having been at rest. Not too much pain but can upset a few days people feeling of fullness. It would be a little bump in the first two days, the third day, this swelling begins to decline. The day after surgery only a band of silicone which stays in the skin color. Dressing up is not done again. The third day it can take a shower without removing the tape and athletes can wear bras. 14. day this band under the control of the doctor. An athlete for a month after surgery using the balance of the breast bra should be provided.

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