How Do You Choose The Most Experienced Hair Transplant Clinics?

Hair transplantation is an important surgery that provides psychological comfort to patients when they have positive results. Who are the most famous clinics that I can trust?This is the question you should ask yourself, before you start any action, today the stage

Graft Of Hair Is Much More Common In Men

Baldness (hair loss) is a common phenomenon in men is known as androgenetic alopecia. Dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone that affects hair follicles, and as a result, the spill occurs. This effect more effectively affects the hair on the front, sides and also the top of the head.

What We Do Not Know About The FUE Hair Transplant

The number of people suffering from hair loss problems for different reasons is very high. This situation, generally observed in men, is also observed in women. Psychologically, this problem affects people and causes a cooling of the society the person must first

What Is FUT?

The most common treatment method for fallen hair for various reasons is graft treatment. Whether in women or men, hair that is shed or diluted intensely affects people psychologically. The spill can be saved by medical methods; unless the latter is very strong, the only solution

The Aesthetic İmplantation Of Hair Today

The modern technological possibilities of today have an important place in the treatments, although hair loss does not cause any health problems, it can cause psychological problems,this situation, which comes from aesthetic and beauty concerns, can even reduce self-confidence.

What Is The Age Group And Who Can Get A Hair Implant?

Our hair is live with us as long we live, from birth to death. However, due to various reasons, diseases, old age, hereditary factors such as family influence, accidents, disruptions of daily life and weather conditions, we are exposed to various chemicals and drugs.

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